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Welcome to Saha Tourism

With Saha tour, you can discover the real Morocco by visiting local families, talk to them and have lunch with them. You will also visit Nomad people, Berber Families in sahara desert and discover how they live. With saha tour, you can also add the activities and places you want to visit. Moreover, you have the ability to chose the hotels or Riads you want to stay at . Our tours are available everyday, they are also available for new year 2020 Our tours are possible to adjust to meet your requirements by extending them or shorting them

The purpose of this section is to provide visitors privet Morocco tours with information relating to packages, hotels, its surroundings and tourism related services offered by Saha Tourism . Our office is based at Morocco, as Morocco serve as a nodal point – Linked to the whole of desert country and the rest of the desert country . We make an effort to find out what our customers desire from us and strives to incorporate the views of customers into our operations. We promise to dedicate our time, our effort, and our resources for safe, secure, peaceful, healthy and exciting tour for all.